Bio DME Gas

At NATULIQUE we have a holistic approach to everything, not only regarding ingredients, but also the actual packaging and the sourcing of these. Therefore, we strive to use the most recyclable and sustainable solutions possible.

For our NATULIQUE aerosol products we have, as the first company in the world, used a Biomass derived propellant – the propellant is the compressed “air” in the packaging enabling the spray-effect.

Our holistic approach means that you can use the Biomass derived propellant, and still “spray as usual”. You still get high quality, but with a 100% sustainable resource, leaving zero carbon footprint and no usage of the non-sustainable resources in the ground of Mother Earth.

The propellant used for NATULIQUE aerosols is Bio DME gas from a Certificate Program. Derived 100% from renewable Biomass Waste, Bio DME is biodegradable, non-corrosive, and will not contaminate soil or aquifers. Bio DME is non