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Pure Silver

Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones and embrace the beauty of your silver hair with NATULIQUE’s Silver/Anti-Yellow category.

At NATULIQUE, we understand the importance of achieving and maintaining your desired silver or cool-toned hair. Our anti-yellow range goes beyond the purple shampoo, as we offer a comprehensive selection of products designed to preserve and enhance the perfect shade.

Trust in our exceptional formulations to provide the care and protection your hair deserves, all while maintaining the stunning cool tones you desire.

Made in Denmark. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NATULIQUE's Silver/Anti-Yellow Category?

NATULIQUE's Silver/Anti-Yellow Category is a specialised collection of hair care products designed to address unwanted yellow tones and enhance the beauty of silver and cool-toned hair. This range goes beyond conventional purple shampoos, offering a comprehensive selection of products to maintain and elevate silver hair.

How does the anti-yellow range work?

NATULIQUE's anti-yellow range is formulated to effectively counteract yellow and orange tones, providing a solution for maintaining the vibrancy and purity of silver and cool-toned hair. These products help restore and lift hair tones, ensuring your hair maintains its captivating hue.

What is unique about the Pure Silver Family?

Inspired by Danish ash and cool grey hair colour trends, NATULIQUE's Pure Silver Family is tailored to blonde, ash grey, and coloured hair. This range not only enhances cool ashy tones and imparts subtle silver reflections but also prevents unwanted yellow and orange tones, creating a stunning and harmonious look.

Can the Pure Silver Family be used on grey hair?

Absolutely. The NEW Pure Silver Family adds beautiful silvery brightness to grey hair, allowing those with natural grey hair to embrace and enhance their hair's natural beauty while preventing yellowing.

How do NATULIQUE's products maintain cool tones and protect hair?

NATULIQUE's Silver/Anti-Yellow products are thoughtfully formulated to provide both care and protection. They prevent unwanted tones, restore hair's vibrancy, and maintain the desired cool and silver shades. These products embody Danish excellence and craftsmanship, assuring the highest quality in hair care.

Embrace Radiant Silver Hair with NATULIQUE's Certified Organic Silver/Anti-Yellow Category

Say farewell to unwanted yellow tones and revel in the elegance of your silver hair journey, courtesy of NATULIQUE's transformative Certified Organic Silver/Anti-Yellow category. We recognize the significance of attaining and upholding your coveted silver or cool-toned hair, and our collection is meticulously curated to enhance your silver hair's beauty. Step into a realm where stunning hair meets expert care.

Unveiling the Power of Anti-Yellow Hair Care

At NATULIQUE, we understand that achieving and preserving your ideal silver or cool-toned hair is a priority. Our dedicated anti-yellow range transcends the typical purple shampoo, offering an array of products that holistically maintain and elevate your preferred shade.

The Essence of the NEW Pure Silver Family

Inspired by the trendsetting Danish ash and cool grey hair colour trends, NATULIQUE introduces the NEW Pure Silver Family, tailored for blonde, ash grey, and coloured hair. This innovative range containing of shampoo, conditioner and hair mousse orchestrates a symphony of benefits:

- Cool Ashy Tones: Elevate your hair's cool, ashy tones with products meticulously designed to accentuate and maintain your desired shade.

- Subtle Silver Reflections: The Pure Silver Family imparts a captivating silvery brightness to grey hair, allowing you to embrace the beauty of your natural hue.

- Yellow and Orange Tone Prevention: Bid adieu to unwanted yellow and orange tones. Our formulations effectively combat these tones, ensuring your hair remains vibrantly silver.

- Restoration and Tonal Elevation: These products not only preserve but also restore and lift hair tones, breathing new life into your silver hair.

Every NATULIQUE product carries the signature of Danish craftsmanship and innovation. The Silver/Anti-Yellow category is no exception, embodying the commitment to quality that Denmark is renowned for.