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Produced in Denmark

All our products are produced under sustainable conditions within the borders of Denmark.

Located in the UK

Our warehouse is based in the United Kingdom, and so are our office. We are the proud distributor of NATULIQUE products to the residents in the UK.

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Every hair type needs a special treatment

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Straight Hair 

Straight hair is natural without a bend or curl – also known as type 1.

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Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is what is often known as S-type hair – A slight bend or curve in the hair strand.

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Curly Hair

Curly hair, or type 3 is clear curls or a loop pattern.

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Coily Hair

Tight curls, spirals, or zig-zag patterns are considered coily (type 4)

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Natulique certified organic

NATULIQUE represents excellent products with raw organic ingredients of unparalleled quality and superb functionality. We prove that fewer chemicals in hair beauty products give better results. Therefor are all our products certified organic 🌳

We as a company are dedicated to sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint. We believe that sustainability should play a leading role in the professional salon industry and in your personal home. #thereisnoplanetB 🌍

Natural ingredients is one of the stepping stones for our company. Therefore are our products always made of at least 98% natural ingredients 🌿

NATULIQUE UK Based Warehouse

All our organic hair care products are produced in Denmark and stored in our UK warehouse located in the heart of Wembley 🇬🇧

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Say goodbye to harmful and chemical filled hair products and say hello to a world of hair care products produced to add natural and beneficial ingredients to your hair.